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If you like this project and want it to go faster, please consider supporting the author with a donation.

If you are in Russia and wish to donate RUR, please refer to the donation page of the Stolyarov.Info site (in Russian) for details how to do that.

Outside of Russia, you can donate via, which is good (and preferable) for smaller amounts, like less than EUR 100.

Larger donations are warmly welcome as well, but for them it is far better (well, cheaper in terms of fees and expenses) to send money directly to my bank account in Montenegro. The details are only shown when there's an active work session; please start one to see them. You don't need to signup for an account on the site, you just need to pass the captcha test; reload this page afterwards (show):

It is planned to make the donation log available here at this site; hence, please notify the author about your donation and specify how your donation should appear on the log: with your real name (how exactly?), with a nickname (which?), anonymously? Please either use the contact form for the notification, or just email to crowdfn (AT) Trademarks, addresses, company names, phone numbers are not accepted for the log.

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