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Documentation of Thalassa CMS for developers willing to contribute to Thalassa itself is under construction. As of now, only some information is available:

Things we do and things we never do

The following texts were initially written for a broader purpose than to serve the Thalassa CMS project. Despite that Thalassa CMS is sometimes explicitly mentioned in these texts, there are lots of fragments that hardly can have anything to do with this particular project. There's still a hope to reuse all these for a project similar to what they were originally written for; of this happens one day, the texts themselves will move elsewhere, and the Thalassa CMS developer documentation will have links to them instead. Anyway, as of now, just don't be confused when you see something that can obviously have nothing to do with Thalassa.

Technologies, methods and tools banned at Thalassa CMS project

Subsets of C++ and C used for Thalassa CMS

Coding style guide

Libraries used in the project

Scriptpp: string manipulations and more

TODO: inifile

TODO: stfilter

TODO: captcha

TODO: md5

Modules and subsystems

... TODO ...

Writing custom CGI programs

The dullcgi framework

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