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When you do and when you don't need Thalassa CMS

Just like any other tool, Thalassa CMS has its own strong sides and its own boundaries. Here they are.

100% no-goes

You will be definitely unable to use Thalassa CMS if at least one of the following is true for you:

  1. you use Windows and don't know how to deal with Unix-like OSes;
  2. you don't know HTML, even basics of it;
  3. you hate to edit configuration files;
  4. terms such as command line, macroprocessor, relative path and the like nearly make you panic;
  5. you believe a splendid presentation in PowerPoint may in some cases be more important than the subject it is devoted to;
  6. when it comes to IT, you suppose the newer is always the better.

Really, this list can save you a lot of time. We strive to be honest.

“Wrong choice” cases

Thalassa CMS is perhaps not what you need if:

Closer matches

Here are some cases Thalassa may serve you good:

“Bingo!” cases

Finally, here are the cases when Thalassa CMS may be not just the only possible choice, but may even appear to be the thing you were many years waiting for:

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