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Quick start guide

We have to apologise, but in this version there's no way to make the start really quick. Perhaps the best (well, quickest) thing you can do is to build Thalassa, then go to the examples/ subdirectory, take the only template available there, which is named Smoky and resides in the examples/templ_smoky subdir, make a copy of it and follow the instructions given in the README file, found there.

Unfortunately, there's only one template (as of now), and despite it is customizable, even the color scheme is changeable, yet it may appear not what you want. Thalassa itself can generate more or less anything — that is, any static web site you can imagine; well, it can even generate arbitrary texts, not only HTML. However, we have to admit it takes a lot of effort to learn Thalassa to the level where one can go without templates.

So, if the Smoky template doesn't fit your needs, try generating and modifying other sites found within the examples/ directory. BTW, the documentation you're reading is made of sources found under examples/thalassa/.

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