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How to get listed your site deployed with Thalassa

We maintain a list of Thalassa-made sites on the more info page; if you create another site using Thalassa, you're welcome to submit it for inclusion on the list. To do so:

  1. Make sure your site uses nothing of the following: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3; also make sure your site's code does not mention particular font names in font-family properties, like "Arial", "Helvetica", "Times", "Times New Roman" and so on. Only generic names, like "serif", "sans-serif", "cursive" or "monospace" are allowed. It is technically possible to make Thalassa generate whatever you want, even a ton of JS, but things mentioned here are our taboos, so we will not list sites that use these.
  2. Send us a message through the contact form, using the "Submit your site for listing" category (if you use the link, the category will be preselected). Please include the URL of your site and specify the valid email so that we can write you back. We'll contact you shortly after, but please allow us several days in case we're extremely busy.
  3. Please be prepared to send us some parts of your configuration files — just to show the site is really made with Thalassa. Usually your thalassa.ini is sufficient for this purpose, there's no need to send all the sources. The file is only used as a proof the site is in Thalassa, we'll delete it once we're sure everything's okay.

Please note we reserve the right not to list any particular site, providing no reasoning behind the decision.

Also we have to ask you to drop us a note in case you later decide to recreate your site without Thalassa (e.g. with any other CMS), as well as if you decide to use any of the tabooed things on your site: we can't disallow you to do so, but at least we've got the right to decide what to list.

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