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The drupal2fs (Drupal-to-FileSystem) program

Tue Sep 19 02:01:10 2023

I decided to give away the program I wrote to get my site out of its jail formed by several pieces of EOLed software. So, the program named drupal2fs is now available at the download page.

It is a single C source file, and the file contains everything I had about it, including the instruction how to build the program, its licensing status (well, it is public domain), etc.

Please don't expect much from it. I wrote the program to recover one particular site, and I never intended to make it anything more than just a single-use tool. It is highly unlikely to work with later versions of Drupal, and even for the Drupal 5.* it only recovers the texts of nodes and comments, and little else; see the large commentary text at the top of the source file for details.

Good luck to those who decide to try it.

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