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Thu Mar 14 20:55:16 2024

Despite less than a month passed, it's time to announce another “major” release, 0.3.00, which is now available for downloading. This time, the list of changes since the previous version is relatively long.

There are three visible changes in functioning of the CGI program, and each of those actually requires patching configuration files on existing sites:

  1. it is now possible to preview a new comment before actually posting it (as of now, this functionality is only available for new comments; it is assumed that, if the user has the right to edit a comment, the need for the preview is not that strong: it is possible just to edit the comment one more time);
  2. a single-use password is now required in order to request changing the user's email; this is done to prevent taking over a user's account in case someone managed to take over a single working session (which is possible to some extent when unencrypted HTTP is used);
  3. one has to confirm cancellation of an email changing request by typing the word really into the confirmation input field.

Besides that:

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