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Thalassa CMS source code made available

Sun Jul 23 20:41:00 2023

The very first Thalassa CMS source code snapshot is now available. A lot of features are still to be implemented, and perhaps there are tons of bugs and various flaws; it is really a doubtful idea to try this in production of any kind. However, writing the documentation took four month of working almost full time, which is a lot of effort, and now it is 4.5 years since the work on Thalassa was started. I can't refrain any longer from publishing the results of this long work.

This site itself is made with Thalassa, too, using the only site template available along with the source code. The template, called Smoky, was created during the work on documentation as an attempt to demonstrate how to put all these features together. Customizing the template is relatively easy, much much easier than to create a Thalassa-driven site from scratch; the template even supports different color schemes (the one used for this site is called cloudy). You'll find the template inside the source tarball, under the examples/templ_smoky subdirectory; see the README file in the directory for brief instructions on how to turn the template into a working site. Please report all your problems and difficulties, this will hopefully allow me to make future versions of the template and the documentation easier.

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