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Mon Jul 24 21:56:12 2023

It took less than a day for some unknown shit-eaters to create a new account on GitHub pretending it is mine, and to put Thalassa sources there. So, now officially:

  1. I don't have any accounts at GitHub, GitLab and generally at any "free" repository hostings, as a matter of principle; I even refused a well-paid job once, solely because it was mandatory to use GitHub for doing that job;
  2. I don't have any accounts at centralized social media sites, at least under my real name; as of present, the only exception is YouTube, where I've got a "channel" that mirrors my videoblog devoted to information violence, but this has nothing to do with free software and, generally, with computer programming;
  3. I strongly discourage publishing of any of my code not only on these free repository hostings, but, generally, on any site that uses JavaScript, and, definitely, in absolutely no event will I do it on my own; hence, no copy of any of my code published anyhow on GitHub or any site resembling it will ever have anything to do with me, or have my approvement.

Well, formally this doesn't violate the license (from the other hand, impersonation violates existing law in many countries, but, well, I'm too lazy to call police). So, just keep in mind: if you see my code on GitHub, it is a thing I never approved.

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